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Слово Дня - tiresome - утомительный, скучный, нудный, назойливый, назойливо


Causing one to feel bored or annoyed.


‘weeding is a tiresome but essential job’
‘Every tiresome pipsqueak with a website is mouthing off about some boring scandal in America.’
‘I have a sudden insight into how deeply tiresome it must be to be famous.’
‘They know the routine and it gets tiresome, but they know they have to get the job done.’
‘A lot of it is still closed and what parts were open was tiresome to ride, with one section being downright bloody dangerous.’
‘There are all the tiresome tropes of sword-fighting, mistaken identities, chases and rescues.’


утомительный, скучный, нудный, назойливый, назойливо

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