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Слово Дня - tenuous - разреженный, незначительный, тонкий


Very weak or slight.; Very slender or fine; insubstantial.


‘the tenuous link between interest rates and investment’
‘The NY Times is mentioning a tenuous New York link but most cases have originated in Asia.’
‘‘But there is a link — however tenuous — between the clubs and the hooligans, whether the clubs like it or not,’ he said.’
‘But the fact that his confirmation was put on thin ice by such tenuous allegations concerns many activists.’
‘Every night, it seems we read of yet another instance of a local trader virtually forced out of business by the hike in car park charges or, however tenuous the link, the introduction of car parking charges during the evening.’
‘Today, I shall mostly be counting minutes, and considering the tenuous link between the words ‘delay’ and ‘deadline.’’


разреженный, незначительный, тонкий

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