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Слово Дня - tedium - скука, утомительность


the quality or state of being tedious or boring


  • relieve the tedium of expectation — развеять скуку ожидания
  • relieve the tedium of the journey — внести некоторое разнообразие в скучное путешествие
  • cousins and uncles filled the tedium of winter nights with many a tall tale
  • But the real losers are the viewers who have to sit through two hours of uninterrupted tedium.
  • Of course you always try and ignore it and snooze on, but sooner or later your eyes are open and the horror and tedium of real life await.
  • The tedium sets in for two reasons, repetition and lack of interest.
  • That means I have 4 hours of boredom and tedium whilst standing and getting sore feet ahead of me.
  • But really, these small successes were never enough to save me from the larger tedium of the evening.
  • Who would have imagined that tedium could have such devastating effects on the environment?
  • Is it tedium or is it the drawn out buildup to a perfect finish?



скука, утомительность

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