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Слово Дня - Suspiciously -


causing a feeling that something is wrong or that someone is behaving wrongly; causing suspicion; having or showing a feeling that something is wrong or that someone is behaving wrongly


  • We were instructed to report any suspicious activity/behavior in the neighborhood.
  • The suspicious vehicle was reported to police.
  • He died under suspicious circumstances. [=under circumstances that suggest a crime may have been committed]
  • Suspicious characters were seen hanging around the bank.
  • He found a suspicious lump on his back and was afraid it might be cancer.
  • Officials are suspicious about her death.
  • His manner made me suspicious.
  • She became suspicious of his behavior.
  • The dog is suspicious of strangers. [=the dog does not trust strangers]
  • We noticed the suspicious stare of the security guard.
  • “Is there someone in the bedroom?” he asked suspiciously.
  • The security guard stared at us suspiciously.
  • He was acting/behaving suspiciously.
  • The answers on the two students’ tests are suspiciously alike.
  • This sounds suspiciously like an excuse to get out of work.



  • подозрительно, с подозрением
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