Слово Дня — suffocate

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Слово Дня - suffocate - душить, удушать, задыхаться


to die because you are unable to breathe; to kill (someone) by making breathing impossible; to be uncomfortable because there is not enough fresh air


  • Don’t put that pillow over her face—she could suffocate.
  • The poor dog could suffocate in the car on a hot day like this.
  • I’m suffocating in this job. [=I can’t express myself, act freely, etc., in this job]
  • She was afraid that thick pillows and blankets could suffocate [=smother] the baby.
  • The victims were found suffocated.
  • Anger and resentment slowly suffocated their marriage.
  • Critics say that the new tax will suffocate local businesses.
  • We were suffocating in the stuffy boardroom.
  • The victims died of suffocation.


  • {глагол} — душить, удушать, задыхаться


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