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Слово Дня - stratagem - хитрость, уловка, военная хитрость


A plan or scheme, especially one used to outwit an opponent or achieve an end.; Skill in devising plans or schemes; cunning.


‘a series of devious stratagems’
‘Cunning plans, devious stratagems, state-of-the-art conventional forces, and legal and moral proscriptions, can all be helpful.’
‘As Anna and Claire’s stratagems become more and more elaborate, Catherine’s constant interruptions get funnier and funnier.’
‘Government should use civilised stratagems to arrest those who fall short of the law.’
‘By current standards, Eve is old-fashioned, her wiles and stratagems strictly based on aligning herself with men for their power rather than tapping into her own.’
‘If the hero wants to get the abducted girl home, and if the villain has discovered his plan, and means to subvert it, what stratagems will each employ in the last reel?’


хитрость, уловка, военная хитрость

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