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Слово Дня - stentorian - зычный, громовой, громоподобный


(of a person’s voice) loud and powerful.


‘he introduced me to the staff with a stentorian announcement’
‘Emotion is enhanced or deflated depending on what happens to be on the air, whether it’s the sexy beat of the Rolling Stones or the stentorian drone of an announcer.’
‘How many times did one hear the indignant, stentorian tones of some elderly lady or gentleman exclaiming, ‘No civic sense!’’
‘He stood a moment silent, and then — ‘I denounce this God-defying murder’, he shouted; and his father, if he must have disclaimed the sentiment, might have owned the stentorian voice with which it was uttered.’
‘‘So, how’s it going?’ he said, his voice so stentorian, so loud, that I wondered if he presumed I was deaf.’
‘With his stentorian voice, he regaled his audience with his good humour and reminiscences of his days in sports.’


зычный, громовой, громоподобный

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