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Слово Дня - slumberous - сонный, навевающий сон




‘But when he’d asked, when he’d lifted a hand to my face and looked at me with those slumberous green eyes of his, any logic I’d possessed had crumbled like nothing more than a flimsy, false idol.’
‘Henry David Thoreau described the song of one species as ‘a slumberous breathing,’ an ‘intenser dream.’’
‘A woman with a coy smile and slumberous eyes could gain access to locales and secrets a male counterpart would have to kill for.’
‘The waking of the wood may mean that the slumbrous dream was not real anyway, that daytime reality has now supervened, replacing defiance with pleasant companionship.’
‘Charlie had almost dozed off into a restless sleep when Richie’s voice startled him out of his slumberous state.’


сонный, навевающий сон

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