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Слово Дня - ringleader - главарь, зачинщик, заводила, коновод, вожак


the leader of a group that causes trouble or is involved in an illegal activity. A person who initiates or leads an illicit or illegal activity.


  • Twenty-five prisoners, thought to be the ringleaders of a hunger strike caused by appalling food, were confined to a punitive boiler room whose temperature could go up to 200 degrees.
  • The alleged ringleader of a gang of Internet copyright pirates was back in jail last night after US authorities won the latest round in their battle to extradite him from Australia on multi-million dollar software piracy charges.
  • And the music industry is about to crack down on the biggest file-sharing ringleaders.
  • The ringleaders, who have already been through an eight and a half month trial, now face further court action to confiscate some of the millions that they are believed to have made.



  • главарь, зачинщик, заводила, коновод, вожак
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