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Слово Дня - remunerate - вознаграждать, оплачивать, компенсировать


Pay (someone) for services rendered or work done.


‘they should be remunerated fairly for their work’
‘The almost endless payscales which have been a feature of the way in which teachers are remunerated are no longer appropriate to a world in which young people must pay large mortgages and child-minding fees.’
‘The local authority was remunerating teachers in church schools at a lower rate than in its own schools.’
‘The directors have been asked to perform various tasks, one of which was the sale of the company to the public, and they have delivered to a considerable extent: therefore they are entitled to be adequately remunerated.’
‘Everybody knows that they are remunerated better than their counterparts in the public service.’
‘All non-executive members non-executive directors are remunerated at a nationally fixed rate.’


вознаграждать, оплачивать, компенсировать

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