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Слово Дня - redoubtable - грозный, устрашающий, опасный, доблестный, храбрый


(of a person) formidable, especially as an opponent.


‘he was a redoubtable debater’
‘The third station is Verbena, once owned by Bo’s redoubtable grandmother, and which Bo intends to reclaim.’
‘Three points down after seven games, he pulled up to equality, only to see his redoubtable opponent draw away again.’
‘Only the redoubtable Sam Smyth succeeded where all others failed.’
‘Then, in 1988, he attracted his own ITV series, written by the redoubtable Keith Waterhouse.’
‘And what about his equation with his redoubtable father?’


грозный, устрашающий, опасный, доблестный, храбрый

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