Слово Дня — reconcile

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Слово Дня - reconcile - мирить, согласовывать, согласовать


to find a way of making (two different ideas, facts, etc.) exist or be true at the same time; to cause people or groups to become friendly again after an argument or disagreement; to cause (someone) to accept (something unpleasant)


  • I’m afraid her story cannot be reconciled with the proven facts. [=her story must be false because it does not agree with the proven facts]
  • You’ll need to reconcile [=settle] your differences with her.
  • It can be difficult to reconcile your ideals with reality.
  • His attempt to reconcile his friends (with each other) was unsuccessful.
  • After many years, they are finally reconciled (with each other). [=they are friendly again]
  • We will never reconcile.
  • After many years, they finally reconciled (with each other).
  • He eventually became reconciled to his position in life.
  • I reconciled myself to the loss.
  • Your theory is easily reconcilable with our results.


  • {глагол} — мирить, согласовывать, согласовать

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