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Слово Дня - purveyor - поставщик


a person or business that sells or provides something


  • a purveyor of large luxury vehicles
  • It seems like every time a fashion magazine starts up, a new denim line gets touted purveyor of the latest ‘it’ jeans.
  • European hoteliers, retailers, and purveyors of luxury goods are rolling out the red carpet.
  • The point is that adolescent fury needs an outlet and such colourful purveyors of antisocial behaviour provide a relatively safe channel for it.
  • Verily did his disciples come, and the supporting acts, and the media, and the t-shirt sellers, and the purveyors of greasy food.
  • Many quarries, including those at Portland, were solely suppliers and purveyors of the stone.
  • a purveyor of foods — заготовитель продовольствия
  • purveyor of foods — заготовитель продовольствия
  • purveyor of lies — разносчик лжи
  • purveyor to the royal household — поставщик двора Её Величества; поставщик королевского двора
  • purveyor of the coverage — организация, предоставляющая страховую защиту



  • поставщик, распространитель
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