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Слово Дня - proliferate - распространяться, пролиферировать, быстро увеличиваться


Increase rapidly in numbers; multiply.; (of a cell, structure, or organism) reproduce rapidly.; Cause (cells, tissue, structures, etc.) to reproduce rapidly.


‘the science fiction magazines that proliferated in the 1920s’
‘Country fairs have proliferated to the extent that the season must be extended to fit them all in.’
‘Operating systems, application environments and hardware platforms for mobile devices are proliferating at an alarming rate.’
‘As contexts proliferate, objects accrue multiple layers of meaning, not all of which necessarily agree.’
‘Online support and discussion groups on every disease and health care topic have proliferated rapidly.’
‘As technology proliferated with the digital revolution, we gradually became more accepting of being under constant watch.’
‘Apoptosis is a normal and essential part of early development, when brain cells proliferate rapidly and some are killed off, but little is known about how apoptosis of growing neurons is regulated.’
‘electromagnetic radiation can only proliferate cancers already present’
‘In later life we are not supposed to continue to proliferate tissue at a rapid rate, grow, and accumulate mass, but rather to mature.’
‘At the time, the notion that we could proliferate stem cells from an adult kidney, or any other organ for that matter, was hardly the conventional wisdom that it is today.’


распространяться, быстро увеличиваться

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