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Слово Дня - presumption - презумпция, предположение, самонадеянность, вероятность


a belief that something is true even though it has not been proved; an act of accepting that something is true until it is proved not true; willingness to do something without the right or permission to do it


  • presumption of innocence
  • to destroy a presumption
  • an exhibition of presumption
  • to overcome a presumption
  • there’s a strong presumption against it
  • presumption in law
  • unabashed presumption
  • conclusive presumption
  • limitations of presumption
  • to meet a presumption
  • criminal presumption
  • The presumption is that the thief had a key to the store.
  • There was a widespread presumption that she would appoint him as her successor.
  • the presumption that all students learn in the same way
  • Thousands of people used this drug on the presumption that it was safe. [=they used it because they believed that it was safe]
  • The trial was unfair from the beginning because there was no presumption of innocence.
  • a defendant’s right to a presumption of innocence
  • You don’t know anything about my situation, and yet you have the presumption [=(more commonly) gall, nerve] to tell me what to do!



  • презумпция, предположение, самонадеянность, вероятность
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