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Слово Дня - prescription - рецепт, рекомендация, установка, предписывание, право давности, неписаный закон


An instruction written by a medical practitioner that authorizes a patient to be provided a medicine or treatment.; The action of prescribing a medicine or treatment.; A medicine or remedy that is prescribed.; A recommendation that is authoritatively put forward.; The authoritative recommendation of an action or procedure.; The establishment of a claim founded on the basis of a long or indefinite period of uninterrupted use or of long-standing custom.


‘he scribbled a prescription for tranquilizers’
‘antidepressants available only by prescription’
‘prescription drugs’
‘It has been alleged that Ting employed an unlicensed technician who saw patients and wrote prescriptions.’
‘Additionally her spirit was being calmed and her moods and concentration were considered within the herbal prescription.’
‘The Lancet letter also gave details of the herbal prescription which this patient supposedly was taking.’
‘The same diet prescription was adopted by all the participants.’
‘My mother passed away last year and I took her prescriptions to my local pharmacy.’
‘Thus, the principles of exercise prescription for heart failure patients are similar to those for healthy people.’
‘But with prescriptions like antibiotics, the medication must be finished for it to be effective.’
‘At the chemist picking up my prescription, I saw two young guys standing in line.’
‘effective prescriptions for sustaining rural communities’
‘There was no width prescription in the case of private roads.’
‘Lastly, the defence of prescription does not apply to public nuisance because no one can acquire the right to commit a crime.’


рецепт, рекомендация, установка, предписывание, право давности, неписаный закон

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