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Слово Дня - perspicacious - проницательный


Having a ready insight into and understanding of things.


‘it offers quite a few facts to the perspicacious reporter’
‘I am perspicacious enough to reconcile the fact that not all of you fine people share my perspective.’
‘She could tell, perspicacious as she was, that Harriet was dying to tell her something but needed the information to be directly elicited.’
‘Granted, she did the same, but in a more perspicacious, subtle way, one that didn’t scream ‘Look at me, I did a good job!’’
‘The author of the newsletter was a perspicacious young lass.’
‘In a quieter way, it shows how a man perspicacious enough to see these faults in his former comrades can fail to see them still lurking within himself.’



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