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Слово Дня - perfunctory - поверхностный, небрежный, формальный, невнимательный


(of an action or gesture) carried out with a minimum of effort or reflection.


‘he gave a perfunctory nod’
‘We have sat through a showcase of set speeches by shadow ministers, but only perfunctory contributions have been allowed from the floor.’
‘His comments on these developments were rather brief and perfunctory.’
‘His hands are very soft but quite puffy too, and his shake is straight from the school of perfunctory political politeness.’
‘After a perfunctory search, the soldiers found nothing suspicious in his vehicle and the incident was written off as a tragic accident.’
‘It seems likely that this interest was never more than passive or perfunctory.’


поверхностный, небрежный, формальный, невнимательный

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