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Слово Дня - penurious - бедный, скупой, скудный


Extremely poor; poverty-stricken.; Characterized by poverty or need.; Parsimonious; mean.


‘a penurious old tramp’
‘Unlike the penurious English king, Louis provided substantial financial support for full-time investigation.’
‘This, as you might appreciate, presents many problems for a man with the soul of a tortured and penurious poet.’
‘Once some penurious student has finished loading up a piece of art into her van, it immediately gains in value.’
‘The garish festivities are set in one of the world’s most penurious places.’
‘He had grown up in a penurious middle-class family, and it was the middle class and the official world which predominated in his sketches, stories, and plays.’


бедный, скупой, скудный

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