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Слово Дня - obsequious - подобострастный, угодливый, раболепный


Obedient or attentive to an excessive or servile degree.


‘they were served by obsequious waiters’
‘In fact, the figure lounging in front of me seems in some respects more human than fox, effortlessly graceful, endearing without being obsequious, and persistently humorous.’
‘Paris himself turns out to be an obsequious toady in Domitian’s heady presence.’
‘He was obedient to his Christchurch bosses, but not at all obsequious.’
‘Her insatiable desire to be stroked, bolstered, flattered, was met by Burrell with the obsequious enthusiasm of a knight offering the chasteness of courtly love.’
‘We Catholics need to possess greater wisdom than to merely fall for somebody who is obsequious, nice, polite and reasonable.’


подобострастный, угодливый, раболепный

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