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Слово Дня - noxious - вредный, ядовитый, пагубный


Harmful, poisonous, or very unpleasant.


‘they were overcome by the noxious fumes’
‘Burning glue sent noxious fumes into the night sky in Brentford this week, after a factory caught fire near the Great West Road.’
‘His continued presence in government taints it with the noxious smell of cronyism.’
‘It’s an artificial fragrance used in an attempt to cover up the noxious smell of pesticides.’
‘Residents quite rightly complain of flies, noxious odours, dust, seagulls and noise pollution from the site.’
‘The residents say that even in fine and warm weather they also have to endure the noxious smell of sewage from their drains.’


вредный, ядовитый, пагубный

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