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Слово Дня - mundane - мирской, земной, светский


Lacking interest or excitement; dull.; Of this earthly world rather than a heavenly or spiritual one.; Relating to or denoting the branch of astrology that deals with political, social, economic, and geophysical events and processes.


‘seeking a way out of his mundane, humdrum existence’
‘I apologize to any readers who spent valuable minutes reading limitless minutiae about my mundane existence.’
‘Stacked ahead of me are the dull and mundane tasks that’d bore anyone with an IQ higher than their pants size.’
‘Brands that stand out here take an otherwise ordinary and mundane activity and make it more interesting and engaging.’
‘In fact, it’s almost easy to not read beyond her almost lyrical prose that makes the most mundane of everyday routines fascinating.’
‘The next day was as boring, mundane, unexciting, humdrum, dull, tedious, uneventful and monotonous as usual.’
‘The lowest branch of mundane, kings and potentates, is but a short step from natal astrology.’
‘Its influence was always dreaded in mundane astrology, being unfavorable to the farmer’s work.’
‘Every indication is negative for peace as far as mundane astrology is concerned.’


мирской, земной, светский

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