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Слово Дня - mumpsimus -


A traditional custom or notion adhered to although shown to be unreasonable.; A person who obstinately adheres to unreasonable customs or notions.


‘‘A young priest once corrected an old priest for saying mumpsimus instead of sumpsimus in the first prayer after Communion in the Latin Mass. ‘Son,’ said the old priest, ‘I’ve been saying mumpsimus for thirty years and I’m not going to change my old mumpsimus for your new sumpsimus.’’’
‘These dealers and collectors are real mumpsimuses about it, just like those who misuse the word ‘stub’.’
‘We’ve all got a bit of a mumpsimus in us in some way shape or form don’t we?’
‘I just don’t see anything cute or cuddly about a mumpsimus or a bigot; I’ve spent too much of my life having to deal with real people like that.’
‘It isn’t nice to tar us with the same brush and make us appear to be mumpsimuses like yourself.’
‘At one time or another, all journalists run the risk of being mumpsimuses — if there is such a word.’


  • нелепый обычай и т. п., от которого ни за что не хотят отказаться
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