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Слово Дня - morose - угрюмый, мрачный, замкнутый


very serious, unhappy, and quiet; very sad or unhappy


  • In the latter days he appeared morose and worried.
  • Then, feeling a bit morose and at a loose end, I headed for the bar.
  • Just what’s needed when everybody is feeling morose and downhearted about the economic situation.
  • He sensed she was feeling very morose today, and he was sure that the fact that her mother was coming back wasn’t all that there was to it.
  • His lyrics have grown less morose and more philosophical, and he sings them with newfound expressiveness.
  • An irritated glare adorned his otherwise striking face, dark and morose and very, very angry.
  • But to be honest, they all look the same to me, conceited and morose.
  • Have years of negative hype made him weary and morose?
  • He stood on his own, looking morose as usual.



  • угрюмый, мрачный, замкнутый
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