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Слово Дня - misanthrope - мизантроп, человеконенавистник


a person who does not like other people


  • …a former misanthrope who now professes a newly discovered love of mankind…
  • The only way to beat these misanthropes is to stand up and be counted.
  • The world of stand-up is typically portrayed as riddled with self-loathing misanthropes, barely able to contain their disgust with the world, who make a living poking fun at its most visible argets and at one another.
  • I think I’m just a misanthropist, and that’s why I get angry about TV — if there’s more real people on it, there’s more for me to hate.
  • Since everything had been taken from him from teenager to young adult, Adrian had now become a pessimist, a cynic… Your standard misanthropist.
  • Like a lot of other bedridden misanthropes, I got into the lifestyle after being stricken by illness and liked it so much I decided not to leave.
  • Where do those of us who are already part-time misanthropes go when people seem even worse than usual?



  • мизантроп, человеконенавистник
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