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Слово Дня - malignant - злокачественный, злостный, злобный, зловредный, болезнетворный


Malevolent.; (of a disease) very virulent or infectious.; (of a tumor) tending to invade normal tissue or to recur after removal; cancerous.


‘in the hands of malignant fate’
‘The stable food, the potato rotted from the land as the first strains of malignant blight struck, and there was nothing left to eat.’
‘In combination, they’ve been malignant so many times before.’
‘There was evidence of deeper and more malignant dry-rot.’
‘The malignant effects of chronic pain in children are multifactorial and relatively unyielding without treatment.’
‘Nearly everyone has pigmented moles, but only one in a million becomes malignant.’
‘Asbestosis is frequently accompanied by malignant tumors, such as lung cancer and malignant mesothelioma.’
‘In addition, 4 of the 50 tumors were found to be histologically malignant.’
‘We describe a case of a highly malignant primary liver tumor in an elderly woman.’
‘Lymph node infarction is followed by malignant lymphoma in some but not all patients.’
‘The difference between malignant and benign tumours is that malignant tumours have the ability to invade surrounding areas.’
‘The dangers of sun worshipping, such as malignant melanoma and accelerated ageing, are well known.’
‘Malignant melanoma is the least common yet most dangerous form of skin cancer.’


злокачественный, злостный, злобный, зловредный, болезнетворный

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