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Слово Дня - magnanimity - великодушие, щедрость


having or showing a generous and kind nature


  • both sides will have to show magnanimity
  • While compassion makes us feel the richer for our magnanimity, justice stirs up far more complex emotions of self-justification and equivocation.
  • The sisters are taking the game forward depending on their father’s magnanimity and munificence in paying for air passages, schooling and cricket gear.
  • This is not to say that making promises is unimportant, but rather that we accept promise-breaking in everyday life with more magnanimity than we sometimes pretend.
  • Hopefully, those who are responsible will have the courage and the magnanimity to respond suitably, for the sake of the future of this country and its future generations.
  • Positive values include an instruction to be just and fair, to value generosity or magnanimity, to demonstrate honesty and cooperation.



великодушие, щедрость

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