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Слово Дня - loquacious - говорливый, словоохотливый, болтливый, журчащий


liking to talk and talking smoothly and easily


  • the loquacious host of a radio talk show  — словоохотливый ведущий радио ток-шоу

  • They are intensely literate and endlessly loquacious.

  • There is something seductive about Ireland’s loquacious inhabitants.

  • I cannot tell whether he recognised me, but that night he was voluble, almost loquacious.

  • There is a break in the training and the loquacious Bobby steps out.

  • Mainstream politicians in Holland have found it difficult to respond to the loquacious professor.

  • He was loquacious, providing a great deal of his introspection in public.



говорливый, словоохотливый, болтливый, журчащий

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