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Слово Дня - lachrymose - слезливый, плаксивый, плачущий, печальный, полный слез


tending to cause tears; tending to cry often


  • a drama with a lachrymose hero
  • …the more lachrymose mourners at the funeral required a steady supply of tissues…
  • she was pink-eyed and lachrymose
  • a lachrymose children’s classic
  • ‘Surely,’ he wrote, ‘it is time to break with the lachrymose theory of pre-Revolutionary woe, and to adopt a view more in accord with historic truth.’
  • He now almost disappears from the story, the rest of which relates, with lachrymose sentiment and many frissons of horror (including a hint of necrophilia), the misfortunes and eventual joys of young Melvil and Monimia.



  • слезливый, плаксивый, плачущий, печальный, полный слез
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