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Слово Дня - insouciance -


a relaxed and calm state; a feeling of not worrying about anything


  • her youthful insouciance [=nonchalance]
  • his insouciant [=(less formally) carefree] charm
  • Releasing a fierce battle cry, I pounded flailing fist after flailing fist onto him, oblivious to his insouciance and lack of flinching.
  • He incessantly joshes his son, once slugs him in the face with a vase, cracks terrible jokes, struts around in a tweed jacket, and generally makes a virtue out of insouciance and brio.
  • I find his insouciance about the difficulty of figuring out ethics disconcerting, though he’s right that Nietzsche collapses into Platonism.
  • It is also a remarkably accurate portrait of a family who, in two postwar generations, leap from the daily struggle to keep body and soul together to public school insouciance and confidence.
  • As what W. H. Auden called the ‘dishonest decade’ grew grimmer, the New Yorker’s editorial policy shifted from insouciance to concern.



  • беззаботность, безразличие, безмятежность
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