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Слово Дня - inopportune - неподходящий, несвоевременный, неуместный


Occurring at an inconvenient or inappropriate time.


‘a storm blew up at an inopportune moment’
‘When the initial shock wore off I think we all felt a bit cheated that such a huge bombshell should be dropped at such an inopportune moment.’
‘But I’m learning to accept my awkwardness and lack of loving the social element at seemingly inopportune times.’
‘In terms of the world context, this is probably one of the most inopportune moments to announce further cuts to royalties and taxes.’
‘But I’ve gotten laughs at a couple of inopportune moments also.’
‘This is an unhelpful hyperbole, but it is certainly true that there must be contexts in which a statement of these truths is politically inopportune.’


неподходящий, несвоевременный, неуместный

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