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Слово Дня - infelicitous - неудачный, несчастный, неуместный, несчастливый


Unfortunate; inappropriate.


  • infelicitous occasion — несчастный случай
  • infelicitous idea — неудачная мысль
  • infelicitous remark — неуместное замечание
  • his illustration is singularly infelicitous
  • ‘I think we need ‘Insensitivity Training’ to equip people to get through life without freaking out every time somebody opens their mouth and says something slightly infelicitous.’
  • Given the infelicitous effects of other utterances in the play, Titus’s vow during this extended ritual does not act as directly or causatively as he thinks it does.
  • Finally, do not feel unfortunate or infelicitous.
  • Somewhat infelicitous and arrhythmic on paper, the pledge is powerful when chanted out loud by thousands.
  • This is… infelicitous at best, worrisomely revealing at worst.



  • неудачный, несчастный, неуместный, несчастливый
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