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Слово Дня - imperturbable - невозмутимый, спокойный


Unable to be upset or excited; calm.


‘an imperturbable tranquility’
‘The prosecutors liked me because my professional experience as a media researcher had steeled me against public abuse and made me imperturbable under cross examination.’
‘Despite the exclamation mark, he talks in the flat, imperturbable vowels of Sussex, his voice rising not so much in volume as in exasperation.’
‘I had various curious cases against him at the Bar — hard and evenly fought battles — in which he was imperturbable.’
‘The fax was pouring out messages, the telephone had barely stopped and the loyal secretary was still at her station in the office, cool and imperturbable as ever.’
‘This ice has a character different from the clear, unblemished ice, as if all the hardship of those periods congealed to create a solid, imperturbable substance.’


невозмутимый, спокойный

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