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Слово Дня - iconoclast - бунтарь, иконоборец, иконоборство


A person who attacks cherished beliefs or institutions.; A destroyer of images used in religious worship.; A supporter of the 8th- and 9th-century movement in the Byzantine Church which sought to abolish the veneration of icons and other religious images.; A Puritan of the 16th or 17th century.


‘Then there were the iconoclasts who dropped by to flip through the books about a man who, in a famous speech in 1929, had declared that no religious organisation could lead man to the ultimate truth.’
‘We will not defeat that 200 million dollar juggernaut with predictable Washington faces or unknown iconoclasts without national security credentials.’
‘I always thought of bloggers as being kind of quirky individualists, iconoclasts.’
‘That being said, it is sad to see these iconic iconoclasts exhibiting less than their expected quotient of surreal mayhem.’
‘Any healthy society needs iconoclasts, and he sure is one.’
‘In his last words on Sadat, the author describes him as ‘a visionary, an iconoclast, a maverick, and a gambler’.’


бунтарь, иконоборец, иконоборство

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