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Слово Дня - hackneyed - избитый, банальный, затасканный, тривиальный


(of a phrase or idea) lacking significance through having been overused; unoriginal and trite.


‘hackneyed old sayings’
‘It’s a trite and hackneyed old platitude — but sometimes, you do just have to stop and look at what’s around you.’
‘But a closer look reveals there’s more to this course than a hackneyed phrase.’
‘This idea dates back so many thousands of years that it is more at risk of being hackneyed than revolutionary.’
‘The final hour has long past on the horror spoof and, sadly, all that’s left is hackneyed jokes and trite dialogue.’
‘Secondly, it was full to overflowing of hackneyed sexist stereotypes.’


избитый, банальный, затасканный, тривиальный

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