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Слово Дня - ghoulish - омерзительный, дьявольский, мерзкий, отвратительный


Resembling or characteristic of a ghoul.; Morbidly interested in death or disaster.


‘a ghoulish mask’
‘They don’t even bother with a scary laugh or ghoulish shriek.’
‘Sure, the red monk is an appropriately ghoulish fiend; but this is really more of a quirky detective story than a horror film.’
‘The shocks were accompanied by a ghoulish rumbling noise that was terrifying to those who heard it.’
‘His early tempera-and-ink paintings depicting ghoulish figures firmly situate him in the postwar European figurative art scene.’
‘Many couples that park their cars near the graveyard to make out find themselves at the mercy of these ghoulish ghosts.’
‘The plundering of body parts of radiation victims reached ghoulish proportions.’


омерзительный, дьявольский, мерзкий, отвратительный

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