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Слово Дня - garrulous - болтливый, словоохотливый, говорливый, журчащий


Excessively talkative, especially on trivial matters.


‘Polonius is portrayed as a foolish, garrulous old man’
‘Everyone became equally loud, crude and garrulous, the technically sober behaving identically to the genuinely drunk.’
‘Having a topic of conversation banned must be a particular strain for someone as garrulous as him.’
‘The check-in assistant seemed to be in a particularly garrulous mood, chatting with his colleague while he printed out the boarding card.’
‘If I’m garrulous, it means I’m procrastinating, and I should be chastised accordingly.’
‘The garrulous storeowner sometimes cut up summer sausage and cheese and joined us on the porch where we tilted back frosty green soda bottles and solved the problems of the world.’


болтливый, словоохотливый, говорливый, журчащий

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