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Слово Дня - fulminate - громить, взрываться, взрывать, сверкать, греметь, изливать гнев


Express vehement protest.; Explode violently or flash like lightning.; (of a disease or symptom) develop suddenly and severely.; A salt or ester of fulminic acid.


‘all fulminated against the new curriculum’
‘So I am perplexed by the report in the paper where two Labour councillors are pictured collecting a petition against post office closures and are fulminating against this terrible action by the Labour Government.’
‘So the Senate rule that liberals fulminated against for decades has become sacrosanct.’
‘He fulminates against the Civil Rights Act of 1964, best known for forcing restaurants and bus stations in the Jim Crow South to integrate, and against Brown v. Board of Education.’
‘Inevitably, some critics fulminated that boarding schools were turning our girls unfit to be wives and mothers.’
‘Building an ideological platform takes time, as conservatives learned, and it can’t be done just by fulminating and denouncing.’


громить, взрываться, взрывать, сверкать, греметь, изливать гнев

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