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Слово Дня - fraternity - братство, содружество, община, студенческая мужская организация


A group of people sharing a common profession or interests.; A male students’ society in a university or college.; A religious or Masonic society or guild.; The state or feeling of friendship and mutual support within a group.


‘members of the hunting fraternity’
‘She is part and parcel of the rowing fraternity and shares her house with three male rowers.’
‘I imagine something similar to our hunting fraternity.’
‘It is a passion shared by an exclusive fraternity to which the geographical accident of birth in a traditional hurling area is the only passport.’
‘There is a fraternity of legal professionals in the US who have set up a veritable minefield.’
‘She said that more than 50 per cent of the population thought hunting should continue, perhaps under licence, which the hunting fraternity would accept.’


братство, содружество, община, студенческая мужская организация

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