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Слово Дня - fortification - укрепления, укрепление, фортификация, спиртование, крепление


A defensive wall or other reinforcement built to strengthen a place against attack.; The action of fortifying or process of being fortified.


‘Improved protective designs for field fortifications and base camps have been developed for field forces.’
‘The wall is part of the castle fortifications and if the weather is warm enough to use the terrace you can hear the piper on the ramparts.’
‘Furthermore, illegal fortifications violate the DMZ virtually to the centerline.’
‘Although fixed fortifications can deter assault, they have one exploitable weakness: their immobility.’
‘There are also remains of old castles and medieval fortifications and magnificent examples of rural homesteads.’
‘It proved to be a Bronze Age culture, its economy well developed and prosperous but with no defensive fortifications to protect it.’



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