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Слово Дня - figuratively - образно, фигурально, метафорически


Used to indicate a departure from a literal use of words; metaphorically.; In a style representing forms that are recognizably derived from life.


‘we left a lot of people literally and figuratively in the dark’
‘I did bump into—figuratively speaking—quite a few interesting people’
‘The curators have figuratively thrown open the doors to the tomb, let in the light, and shaken out clouds of ancient dust.’
‘Earthquakes occur frequently during their visit, reminding them that the ground beneath their feet is extremely shaky, both literally and figuratively.’
‘I’m leaving the subject broad, hoping we can veer off down all kinds of different paths, figuratively and literally.’
‘What is it that viewers are seeing—literally and figuratively—when they see the Statue of Liberty, the Washington Monument, or the Lincoln Memorial on the screen?’


образно, фигурально, метафорически

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