Слушать произношение

Слово Дня - favorable -


showing approval; expressing approval; giving or providing what is desired


  • The new play got many favorable reviews.
  • He was given a favorable recommendation.
  • They gave a favorable answer to our request. [=they said they would grant our request]
  • a favorable comparison = a comparison favorable to someone
  • She made a very favorable [=good] impression on her future colleagues.
  • a favorable wind
  • The plants grow rapidly under favorable [=advantageous] conditions.
  • Early test results were favorable.
  • The play was favorably reviewed.
  • I was very favorably impressed by the candidate.
  • They responded favorably to our request.
  • The wine compares favorably with some that are far more expensive.
  • The patient responded favorably [=well] to the medicine.



  • благоприятный, подходящий, удобный, благосклонный, симпатизирующий
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