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Слово Дня - exterminate - уничтожать, истреблять, искоренять, морить


Destroy completely.; Kill (a pest)


‘after exterminating the entire population, the soldiers set fire to the buildings’
‘It was also part of the world-empire of Ghenghis Khan, who once exterminated the Afghan city of Bamiyan to avenge a grandson slain in battle.’
‘Macias exterminated a third of his populace before being executed after a 1979 coup.’
‘Developing foetuses cannot be defined as a ‘race’ in any meaningful sense, and a seriously planned attempt to wipe them out would swiftly exterminate the human race.’
‘British poets flocked to defend a régime that destroyed 20,000 churches in Spain and tried to exterminate whole classes of society, including 6,832 priests, monks and nuns.’
‘If they were exterminating British prisoners of war do we seriously think that we wouldn’t have done all we could to stop it?’
‘Attempts have been made before to exterminate the birds, but these efforts failed mainly because of a lack of funds.’


уничтожать, истреблять, искоренять, морить

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