Слушать произношение

Слово Дня - excoriation -


to criticize (someone or something) very harshly


  • He was excoriated as a racist.
  • The candidates have publicly excoriated each other throughout the campaign.
  • Orwell could hit hard and strike deep — recall only his excoriation of the Stalinists who went to ‘help’ in the Spanish Civil War.
  • Activists had to encounter an initially dismissive public, hostile populist politicians, excoriation by religious fundamentalists and the slow wheels of government.
  • Every time he rose to, or even approached, the heights of success and public esteem, he was suddenly plunged down into the depths of media excoriation.



  • экскориация, ссадина, сдирание кожи, царапина, разнос, суровая критика
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