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Слово Дня - ephemeral - эфемерный, недолговечный, преходящий, однолетнее растение


Lasting for a very short time.; (chiefly of plants) having a very short life cycle.; An ephemeral plant.


‘fashions are ephemeral’
‘Happiness for Aristotle is not a fleeting feeling or an ephemeral passion.’
‘The quote places pop culture in context where every ephemeral moment is defined in time.’
‘Trends are ephemeral, fleeting: by the time you’ve identified something, it’s gone, or changed out of all recognition.’
‘These traces of identity pass by the spectator in ephemeral moments, reflected, refracted, and distorted, as in a funnyhouse mirror.’
‘Spring ephemerals were not found in large numbers during the 1992 growing season because sampling was delayed.’
‘Many of the ‘missing’ species were spring-flowering ephemerals observed to be frequent and abundant earlier in the growing season.’
‘Seasonal changes in understory species from spring ephemerals to evergreen herbs are discussed in a number of contexts throughout the book.’


эфемерный, недолговечный, преходящий, однолетнее растение

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