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Слово Дня - enervate - расслаблять, обессиливать, расслабленный, слабый


Cause (someone) to feel drained of energy or vitality; weaken.; Lacking in energy or vitality.


‘It enervated Sven, draining his energy and willpower, then paralyzing him.’
‘Ionizing radiation enervates the human gene pool and it weakens our immune systems.’
‘Shall we say this war consumes the heart and enervates the soul?’
‘You leave the theatre drained and enervated, wishing you could get that time back, 15 minutes of awesome explosions notwithstanding.’
‘Thanks so much and hope you regain your energy soon… don’t let school or whatever it is enervate you too much.’
‘The tension has enervated whole generations of players.’


расслаблять, обессиливать, расслабленный, слабый

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