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Слово Дня - endearment - ласка, выражение привязанности, выражение нежности


a word or phrase that shows love or affection


  • a term of endearment
  • nicknames and other terms of endearment
  • two lovers whispering endearments to each other
  • If I sought to find a new term of endearment for my wife, I do not think I would be well advised to look to the vegetable rack for inspiration.
  • But I think it’s just a term of endearment from the sports fans for a ground that they love.
  • She also told me that she asked my friend Maranda if this common derogatory term could be used as a term of endearment.
  • And speaking of terms of endearment, let’s not forget those of the animal variety, too — chicken, kitten, possum, chickadee, dog.
  • Now the rather more earthy term of endearment used by her husband can be revealed — she is Philip’s ‘cabbage’.
  • Sometimes it will be a term of endearment, sometimes a term of abuse.



  • ласка, выражение привязанности, выражение нежности
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