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Слово Дня - effrontery - наглость, бесстыдство, нахальство


Insolent or impertinent behavior.


‘one juror had the effrontery to challenge the coroner’s decision’
‘For his effrontery he was rewarded with the Home Ministry!’
‘He’d come over to confront Stan and Tiny and to tell them exactly what he thought of their effrontery, but held back the accusation for want of proof.’
‘He then committed several acts of brazen effrontery.’
‘Then, at a time like this our councillors have the mindless effrontery to propose a 16 per cent tax increase.’
‘Obviously, I’m not Catholic, but I think it takes a lot of effrontery for the media to try to dictate the doctrine for Catholics.’


наглость, бесстыдство, нахальство

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