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Слово Дня - dogmatic - догматический, безапелляционный, самоуверенный, диктаторский


expressing personal opinions or beliefs as if they are certainly correct and cannot be doubted


  • She’s become so dogmatic lately that arguing with her is pointless.
  • …a critic’s dogmatic insistence that abstract expressionism is the only school of 20th century art worthy of serious study…
  • he gives his opinion without trying to be dogmatic
  • Cell Theory then rapidly turned into a more dogmatic cell doctrine, and in this form survives up to the present day.
  • After all, it is, I suppose, a bit dogmatic to absolutely insist the whole thing is state controlled.
  • By contrast the authority’s expert witness was emphatic, even dogmatic, in his evidence.
  • There could be few things more dogmatic than the many dictates of Leftist political correctness!



догматический, безапелляционный, самоуверенный, диктаторский

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