Слово Дня — distinction

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Слово Дня - distinction - различие; явственный, ясный, отличный


a difference that you can see, hear, smell, feel, etc.; a noticeable difference between things or people; the separation of people or things into different groups


  • These dogs are different breeds, but this distinction is lost on most people. [=most people do not see a difference between these dogs]
  • There are no obvious distinctions between the two designs.
  • distinctions between social classes
  • She made/drew a distinction between the words “less” and “fewer.”
  • The law should be enforced without distinction as to race, sex, or religion. [=the law should not treat people of different races, sexes, or religions differently]
  • He was raised in a small town of no great distinction.
  • Her talents gave distinction to the work.
  • She was a politician of some distinction. [=she was a distinguished politician]
  • She’s won many distinctions.
  • (Brit) She was awarded a distinction for her dissertation.
  • They should give him the distinction he deserves.
  • He graduated with distinction. [=with special awards or recognition]
  • It had the distinction of being the oldest house in the city.
  • The city bears the dubious distinction of being the most polluted in the nation.


  • {имя существительное} — различие
  • {прилагательное} — явственный, ясный, отличный


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